Sunday, October 18, 2009

Make Money on Twitter Using Revtwt

Are you using Twitter and enjoying tweeting with your friend then why use twitter to make some extra online. I found Revtwt a website which will pays you money for each click on the ads which they post in your twitter account.

How to Start with Revtwt

to start with revtwt, you need Twitter account and Revtwt account, You need at least 50 followers to start the service. Just follow people and then they will follow you back as a courtesy.

Here are some amazing features of it

  • You can Choose ads which you want to publish in your account
  • You can publish maximum of 2 ads a day for each twitter account
  • You can add As much as twitter account for Publishing ads and it will get approved instantly.
  • Payment made when your balance reaches $20. Payment method is paypal.
  • If you have earnings above $100, you can choose check payment.
Join and Start making money on Tweeting Click Here to Join


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